Thursday, April 30, 2009

Since I want to share music with you too, I'll just get this whole Katrina train of thought out of the way at the same time,with one of my old favorites, Bessie Smith.  :) I promise new subject matter tomorrow! But Bessie is wonderful no matter what she sings about! 

As Promised

I should have kept this painting, if for no other reason, than I know how to get her out of that cage.
No :) It's not my house, but the sentiment still fits, even four years hence.

gypsy's vanner's pacing

Today I am wrestling with what I call my four year syndrome. Every four  years I move. I never intend it that way, but it's worked that way ever since I can remember. Maybe because my parents were renters, as well, but every four years, I get the itch to pack up. Even if I'm only moving across the hall, or across town, I get restless. It's never worked to my advantage, generally speaking, and it never much helped my relationships, because if I wasn't moving belongings, well..I moved boyfriends..elsewhere :)

August will mark four years since Hurricane Katrina packed me up in a boat, and put me out of New Orleans, so I guess I'd better start making some decisions. I know it's only the start of May, (Happy May Day and Happy Beltane, by the way, but moving requires advance planning, and STAYING requires even more I suspect.