Sunday, May 3, 2009

Viva La Fifi!


Until I have permission from other artists to show their images, I'll just show you another of mine. 

For every magician there is a final show, for every magician's assistant; a final rehearsal, and for every magician's dove; a final flight. 
This is a detail from a painting I did while living in New Orleans, and while grieving my father's death. It's called Fifi's Finale.
My father was a stage magician, apprenticed to Harry Blackstone Senior. We performed together, and it's taking me years to come to terms with losing him.

I read a book called the Magician's Assistant by Ann Patchett a few years ago. There was a quote from the book on the inside leaf, that has stuck with me, because it really defined my adult life quandary. It read, "...and what becomes of the magician's assistant after the magician dies?"
I still have not answered that question, but somehow, "assisting" Fifi's flight through the hoop for her final time, helped me gain a little closure.

Viva La Fifi!

Time Lapse Synapses and Gnomes Under Glass

Wow! What happened to Saturday!? Guess I haven't got the blogging fever quite yet, because I spent Saturday playing urban gardener. I could blame the lack of posting on my neighbor who brought down the wine he bought in Chile, but truthfully, I had soil under my fingernails, and visions of my late mother sitting there watching her birds. It's an ongoing weekend project with Mother's Day as my target day to finish. Until then, here's a picture of some of the flowers I'm planting. 

Did I mention gnomes under glass? No worries, not gonna cook the little fella, but he wouldn't sit still for a pic this morning so I had to corner him by my desk. If he looks a little p.o'd, I think he is. I promise, I did let him go after I took the picture, but there's no telling what mischief he'll make later over all of this :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Classic May Day Dressing from Etsy


I usually celebrate Beltane around the 3rd of May, but today I'm acknowledging May Day with a few little things I've found for you.
First is an article I found online that that I like:

(if anyone has copyright issues with this or the photo I've enclosed this morning, please let me know, and I'll remove them.)

Next is a recipe from my Book of Shadows, because there are no festivities without FOOD!

Here's the May Day Wine for those of you who imbibe~

Take one liter bottle of your favorite white wine and add sliced strawberries and raspberries.
If you are able to find Woodruff herb in your area, add approx. 12 sprigs, to smooth out the overall flavor. If all you can locate is chopped, or crumbled woodruff, make a little bouquet garné by putting the herbs in a little square of cheesecloth that you tie off with string and toss it in with the berries. (some like to make a Faery beverage with this wine by adding a syrup made by boiling sugar water, along with a splash of brandy) Serve chilled in pretty glasses, with edible flowers floating on top!
A note about Woodruff> Since it is an herb, and does have some medicinal uses, please read this before using it, if you have any concerns.

Beltane is a fertility celebration. A time to imbue our relationships, family, and gardens/fields with the encouraging aspect of life for another year. 
But, once you've jumped over the Beltane fire, and "snuggled in the woods", you might be hungry so try this one: 

Grilled Chicken Skewers~
Cut large chunks of moist Chicken thigh meat into big bite size pieces, and toss into a bowl of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
Add torn sprigs of basil, a tsp. of sugar, salt, pepper and a sprig of rosemary.
Allow this to sit white you chop up your vegetables.
(For those of you who do not eat meat, you can substitute large chunks of eggplant, or extra firm tofu.)
Again in bite size pieces, cut fresh green and red bell peppers, sweet white onions, and chunks of mango.
Drizzle with honey.
On long skewers, stack your vegetables along with your chicken pieces, and grill evenly over a medium to high heat until your vegees are tender, taking care not to over cook your chicken.

Happy feasting! 

Here's a bit of Edinborough's celebration from Youtube, for those of you who enjoy making a good flame on Beltane:

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Since I want to share music with you too, I'll just get this whole Katrina train of thought out of the way at the same time,with one of my old favorites, Bessie Smith.  :) I promise new subject matter tomorrow! But Bessie is wonderful no matter what she sings about! 

As Promised

I should have kept this painting, if for no other reason, than I know how to get her out of that cage.
No :) It's not my house, but the sentiment still fits, even four years hence.

gypsy's vanner's pacing

Today I am wrestling with what I call my four year syndrome. Every four  years I move. I never intend it that way, but it's worked that way ever since I can remember. Maybe because my parents were renters, as well, but every four years, I get the itch to pack up. Even if I'm only moving across the hall, or across town, I get restless. It's never worked to my advantage, generally speaking, and it never much helped my relationships, because if I wasn't moving belongings, well..I moved boyfriends..elsewhere :)

August will mark four years since Hurricane Katrina packed me up in a boat, and put me out of New Orleans, so I guess I'd better start making some decisions. I know it's only the start of May, (Happy May Day and Happy Beltane, by the way, but moving requires advance planning, and STAYING requires even more I suspect.