Sunday, May 3, 2009

Time Lapse Synapses and Gnomes Under Glass

Wow! What happened to Saturday!? Guess I haven't got the blogging fever quite yet, because I spent Saturday playing urban gardener. I could blame the lack of posting on my neighbor who brought down the wine he bought in Chile, but truthfully, I had soil under my fingernails, and visions of my late mother sitting there watching her birds. It's an ongoing weekend project with Mother's Day as my target day to finish. Until then, here's a picture of some of the flowers I'm planting. 

Did I mention gnomes under glass? No worries, not gonna cook the little fella, but he wouldn't sit still for a pic this morning so I had to corner him by my desk. If he looks a little p.o'd, I think he is. I promise, I did let him go after I took the picture, but there's no telling what mischief he'll make later over all of this :)

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  1. Fun post! And I firmly believe life (& wine) always must come 1st.